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Hey Whitney, Are you still living in Buenos Aires and spinning? Just wondering b/c I live here now and would love to check out your set. Thanks!

On Mon Feb 7, 2011 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

hey I coming to BA next saturday, where are the House clubs? DJ's like louie vega, dj gregory, david morales, kerri chandler, rasmus faber, claude monnet, simon dunmore...

On Sun Feb 28, 2010 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

She wanted me to sign that Grandmimi

On Sun Nov 15, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Hi! I am with your grandma now. She wanted me to tell you that she hopes you are enjoying your writing, your music, and all your accomplishments. She loves you and thinks of you everyday.

On Sun Nov 15, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Ahhh... I love Habibi's too! I've been meaning to try them for lunch, only been there for dinner a couple of times now too :) Look forward to hearing your set at Milion :)

On Thu Sep 17, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Good look on the San Telmo recs. Had me an excellent Friday where I lost far too much time browsing the stacks at Asunto then sated my hunger and thirst with deer and beer at Territorio. Sadly, I could not find the fit I needed in vintage aviators at Cualquier Verdura, but there is time yet for their stock to turn. Well led miss, well led.

On Fri Jun 26, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

why thank you! i just had some stout at territorio last night to try and cope with the fact it's june and winter. are you currently living in BA?

On Fri Jun 26, 2009

Couldn't get enough of that winter so decided to skip a summer. So freezing away the days in colegiales with no plans made to return. You seem to know your way around pretty well, how long have you been in BA?

On Fri Jun 26, 2009

i've been living here since november, initially in pursuit of an endless summer but i like it enough to stay. well-played on colegiales, everyone i know who lives in that neighborhood has kiddie pools and backyards. how long have you been here? where are you originally from?

On Sat Jun 27, 2009

Can't say the place has a kiddie pool, but it can double as a studio. Been here a month and change after taking a winding route from Boulder. From there, but both coasted it for stretches prior. Digging this here city, got a vibrancy to it. Thanks for the recs thus far, what else ya got?

On Sat Jun 27, 2009

it's okay, it's too cold for kiddie pools. studio for what? what neighborhood or kinda stuff do you want recommendations for? i can specify, otherwise it's just going to be an epic list. also: check out the front page!

On Sun Jun 28, 2009

Any words on a flea market style deal farther afield? Want to get to the place the San Telmo folks get their stuff.

On Mon Jun 29, 2009

all the san telmo people i know just go digging through the market on the non-sunday days when prices are reasonable instead of jacked up. i am totally your neighbor now, though!

On Tue Aug 11, 2009

Marvelous timing. You move in just as I take off. Had to go back to the real world and am the worse for it. On the other hand, summer is wonderful. The off day marketing was how I ended up getting an antique bottle of semen-contra, and a globe from 1947. Good look on the recos, and if you are close, go to Cusic.

On Wed Aug 12, 2009

Thanks, Whitney! It came up on my facebook feed before I even saw your note. So exciting :)

On Tue Aug 11, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

so jealous that you got to go to the flea market in Reykjavik. i missed out due to my timing. did you try the hakarl? also- i crave skyr.

On Wed Jun 10, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

you can totally fix your skyr craving if you live somewhere with a whole foods! they imported the national brand, no joke, with the little spoon attached to the plastic cover. i almost died when i saw it in boston.

On Wed Jun 10, 2009

Wow I didn't think Tallahassee warranted a mention on here, lol. Did you used to live here or have you just visited, for some odd reason?

On Sat May 30, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Hey thanks, I'm so jealous of how many places you have been! And I want to go to Buenos Aires so bad too! I like all your tips for Amsterdam, I'm hoping to go sometime soon

On Mon Mar 30, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

you've gotta come to south america, it is sooo cheap compared to europe (well, once you get the plane ticket out of the way). if you want any specific tips for amsterdam, let me know!

On Mon Apr 6, 2009

I know, my plan originally was to learn spanish and move to Buenos Aires after university (original, i know), but then the whole debt + recession equation got in the way, I'm still thinking of visiting early next year though if I can.

On Sat Apr 11, 2009

what are you studying in university? down here is a pretty great place to wait out the recession; it's what i'm trying to do, anyway!

On Wed Apr 29, 2009

Well, as of tomorrow, i have finished my english lit and french degree... then I'm going to get any work possible, my friend also wants to go to Buenos Aires so we are actually trying to plan maybe going in january

On Wed May 6, 2009

congratulations on finishing your degree! are you fluent in french? january is a great time to visit BA, it is hotter than nuclear hell then!

On Mon May 11, 2009

whoa you added Ritas???? I used to work there haha

On Sun May 3, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

cool, at which one? the jax beach one is ridiculously packed once it's warm out!

On Tue May 5, 2009

There was one in my town but they are everywhere...i friggin love their custard.

On Wed May 6, 2009

for most of my life rita's was a mom n pop local philly chain.. and its called WATER ICE

On Sun May 10, 2009

i am glad it's an east coast thing, for some reason i thought they stopped where waffle houses did! all i know is that southern beach-goers are totally stoked anytime they can buy food shirtless.

On Mon May 11, 2009

haha thanks! having pizza hut next to the pyramids was one of my favorite egyptian moments :)

On Mon May 11, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Wow new pic. Lookin' good!

On Wed Apr 29, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

thanks bill! i figured there needed to be more obscenities in the background of my userpics.

On Wed Apr 29, 2009

Hey Whitney, I was wondering if you might want to write a City Guide for Venus Zine (here's a link: https://venuszine.com/art_and_culture/travel). I am editor of the section, and you have been some really cool places. My email is cityguide (at) venuszine (dot-com)

On Thu Apr 23, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I'm thinking about backpacking through Central America. How about you? Have you seen any other South American countries while there?

On Tue Apr 21, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

if you backpack through central america, there's a great hostel called trippy's on a lake that most people never leave! aside from argentina, i've been in uruguay and to chilean and brazilian border towns.

On Wed Apr 22, 2009

Ha thanks! First annual wherescool photo shoot. Only kidding. Im an actor (not a very good one) in my spare time and that was on set...so much fun. :)

On Wed Apr 15, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Your pix from Buenos Aires are awesome! ;)

On Thu Apr 2, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

aw thanks very much. i am jealous of all the great food photos you are posting! they all look amazing!

On Sat Apr 4, 2009

yer famous now: http://www.geeksugar.com/2972828

On Fri Mar 27, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

so cool! congratulations on the good press. y'all are going to out-yelp yelp!

On Sat Mar 28, 2009

what i've got planned goes far beyond yelp... btw i'm incredibly jealous of all the places you've been

On Sat Mar 28, 2009

just wanted to say your reviews rock. thanks!

On Mon Mar 16, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

thanks ron! i am jealous of your seattle bookshop photo.

On Fri Mar 20, 2009

sadly thats not mine i just reblogged it...

On Fri Mar 20, 2009

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