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Hi! Just interested in your Russia experience because I have thought about visiting there. Did you work there or just travel around? I have heard it can be dicey there and am curious what you thought about it. Thanks!

On Wed Sep 22, 2010 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Your photos are amazing - Vilnius looks beautiful, I really want to visit now!

On Fri Jul 31, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I got your comment about Heimaey in Iceland. At the moment we can only add cities with an urban population of 15,000 or more people. For now, you could add it as a neighborhood of reykjavik i suppose...

On Sat Jun 13, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I noticed that a photo you just uploaded isn't loading for some reason.. did you get an error message at all when uploading it? Was it slow? Just trying to figure out what went wrong.. Thanks!

On Mon Jun 8, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

nah, it just took me 3 tries to get an image size from photoshop that i liked once i reached the cropping page. :) should be up now.

On Mon Jun 8, 2009

Ok, so did you hit back and then try to re-crop? If you check out the spot page the photo is missing I think something got caught up. Would you mind re-uploading the photo and then deleting the other one? Sorry its a sucky solution but the only way to fix... http://www.wherescool.com/spots/r-alko-tallinn/

On Mon Jun 8, 2009

Er nevermind!! Its fine now, sorry for the confusion

On Mon Jun 8, 2009

those pictures from russia are epic!

On Tue Jun 2, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Love all of your gorgeous photos! I want to see more! :)

On Thu May 28, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

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    Not a day goes by that I don't think about travel and photography. I've been to 24 foreign countries so far and traveled extensively around the US. I lived in Russia for 4 months one time and just lived there for another month in March.

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