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So I just read your blog (I hope that's not creepy) and I am inSANELY jealous of your globetrotting! I'm happy you've experienced the Trans Siberian railroad, it's something I really hope to do in the future.

On Tue Apr 7, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

hahaha I need a break from NYC and while I definitely recommend taking off for a year or two, I'm so happy to be back home :) and the trans-siberian was actually my favorite part of the trip!

On Fri Apr 10, 2009

do you know any places to get fried chicken & waffles in NYC?

On Fri Mar 27, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I bet you could get a really good fried chicken & waffles at Sylvia's in harlem, but I've never been so I can't personally vouch for it. I hear it is bad-ass soul food though! are you going to be in the hood soon?

On Mon Mar 30, 2009

actually its for lalapelosa she wrote a review about how unusual she thought it was and i wanted to prove she could find it in nyc

On Tue Mar 31, 2009

I was born on the island of Mindanao, waaaay down there, haha...a place called Davao City. I haven't been back since senior year of high school and still can't speak any tagalog. The best I can do is make a few dishes. But yes, I agree it's an awesome place and when I go back I will use your recommendations for Manila :-)

On Sun Mar 15, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Hey Cristina, I was accidentally added La Carboneria, but realized afterward that you had already done so...I keep getting error messages when I try to delete it. I already notified the site, so hopefully it will get taken care of...just wanted to let you know in case you noticed and got confused by the repetition!

On Thu Mar 12, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

no worries at all!

I noticed you spent part of your childhood in the philippines - whereabouts? my parents are both from around manila, so I go back every few years to see extended family. but I've recently started seeing some of the other islands, and it's a pretty awesome country!

On Fri Mar 13, 2009

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