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Hey, how have your travels been? Have you been up to much lately? Europe was amazing! Paris especially, definately going to plan to study there!

On Fri Jun 25, 2010 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Hey- how were your travels around the U.S.? I see you're adding stuff like crazy! I hear there's a pretty awesome spy museum in D.C.- did you happen to visit it? Too bad you're not still in the U.S.- today's Thanksgiving! God bless gluttony.

On Thu Nov 26, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

hey! yeah i just got back from jolly old england- i was there for a wedding, though, so i spent all but 2 days in the suffolk countryside...which was pretty boring. i've been to london a few times before, so this wasn't my first trip, but this time i only had 1 full day in town. kinda sucked because i totally wanted to check out all of your awesome spots! next time i'm going crazy :) my summer travels were fun, thanks. i'm sad they're over. where's next on your agenda??

On Thu Sep 10, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Is this place WheresCool worthy?? http://www.barmusichall.com

On Fri Aug 21, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I haven't actually been because it's a bit pricey... but from the outside/website it does look cool so maybe I'll go check it out this week some time

On Mon Aug 24, 2009

haha I was in Edinburgh for a week, it's a pretty sweet place and more visited than you think! I actually stayed in your dorms at the foot of Arthur's Seat, they rock. Have a good time when you get here, are you going to Charleston at all? That's where I went to Uni and it's seriously sweet.

On Mon Apr 27, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

I really want to go to Charleston, it looks awesome, if we have the time and money we'll definitely be going there, so I'll have to ask for reccommendations! And yeah, I know lots of tourists come to Edinburgh, it just sort of seems weird to me, I guess I just want to escape the cold! The dorms were pretty sweet, but nooooot cheap...

On Wed Apr 29, 2009

right now, I'm studying to be a museum curator so I get to lead the student life for the next 2 years. What are you graduating with?

On Tue Apr 21, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

ok so I know we have been flip flopping as top users but I hope you don't think I'm intentionally trying to beat you, I just have carpal tunnel and can't add as many things each timeo but every time I do I beat your points! Please forgive me and add more stuff so we don't look like rivals!!!

On Thu Apr 16, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Thanks! ;) I love your reviews of Europe! The one of Camden Market is great! I wanted to go there last time I was there! ;)

On Wed Apr 1, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

Thanks, have you been to Brick Lane though? It's so much better, though it's only on Sundays

On Thu Apr 2, 2009

Oh, I haven't. What is that? Oh well...next time! We saved our Sunday to check out Harrod's...=P

On Thu Apr 2, 2009

It's listed on here as the Sunday (Up)Market, it's a way cooler and more authentic/interesting market in the East End

On Sun Apr 5, 2009

I'm going to translate geneva into the english spelling, might break some links if you're adding things

On Mon Mar 30, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

i really like your reviews!

On Sat Mar 28, 2009 | Log in or Sign Up to reply.

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