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Tokyo. Tōkyō.

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Thumb for 300 Bar
Food & Drink / Money / Nightlife

300 Bar

3.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: bar, beer, cheap, ginza, tapas, tasty, tokyo

300 yen will buy you any one of the cheap and tasty tapas style items ... ...view spot

Thumb for Ueno Zoo
Attractions / Nature & Outdoors

Ueno Zoo

2.5 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: animals, free admission, ueno, ueno park, wildlife, zoo

A big zoo in the middle Ueno Park. ...view spot

Thumb for Nekobukuro
Local Culture


2.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: cats, ikebukuro, tokyo

A random representation of Japanese cat culture tucked inside the top floor of Tokyo's biggest ... ...view spot

Thumb for Tsukiji Fish Market
Attractions / Food & Drink / Local Culture / Shops & Markets

Tsukiji Fish Market

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: fish market, morning, tsukiji, tuna, tuna auction

biggest fish market in the world, lots of tuna, really fun ...view spot

Thumb for Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Art / Attractions / Local Culture

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, japanese art, museum

Tokyo's home of Japanese art ...view spot

Thumb for Mori Tower (Art Museum And Observation Deck)
Art / Attractions / Education / Food & Drink / Local Culture

Mori Tower (Art Museum And Observation Deck)

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, mori tower, museum, roppongi, roppongi hills, skyline, tokyo, view

See the Tokyo skyline and some fine art in a single trip. ...view spot

Thumb for Jal Lounge
Transportation & Rentals

Jal Lounge

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: airport, lounge

Life Changing Lounge ...view spot

Thumb for Yuian
Food & Drink


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: izakaya, view

Upscale izakaya with great view ...view spot

Thumb for Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Office
Attractions / Services & Government

Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Office

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: observation deck, observatory, skyline, view

Free observatories with amazing view ...view spot

Food & Drink

Hub Kichijoji

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bar, food, pub

Traditional British pub with a great crowd ...view spot

Food & Drink / Nightlife

Copastic Cafe

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bars, cafes, cocktails, lounges

Relaxed lounge/cafe with great food ...view spot

Thumb for New Lex Edo

New Lex Edo

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: celebrities, clubbing, crowded, models, small, underground

Underground club with reputation for celebrities ...view spot

Thumb for National Museum Of Western Art
Art / Education / Nature & Outdoors

National Museum Of Western Art

3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, free, garden, museum, outdoor, rodin, sculpture, ueno park, western

Japan's premier collection of Western art includes an impressive, and absolutely free, Rodin sculpture garden ... ...view spot

Education / Food & Drink / Local Culture

KDDI Designing Studio

3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: au, cafe, cell phone, computer, free internet, internet access, kddi, mobile phone, technology

5 floors of technology, 8 minutes from the Takeshita Street exit. ...view spot

Thumb for Ikebukuro Bosaikan

Ikebukuro Bosaikan

3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: earthquake, ikebukuro, natural disasters, tokyo

Natural disaster simulation and information ...view spot

Top Neighborhoods in Tokyo

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Thumb for Ueno Park Area

Ueno Park Area

4.0 Stars
Tags: concert hall, museum, park, shrines, tokyo, ueno park, zoo

This huge public space deserves its status as a neighborhood unto itself if for no ...

...view spot

Thumb for Roppongi


3.0 Stars
Tags: celebrities, clubbing, expats, lex, models, shopping, tac

Clubbing district located in the southern portion of the Yamanote line circle. Crowd is mostly ...

...view spot

Thumb for Shinjuku


5.0 Stars
Tags: gay friendly, shinjuku, tokyo

Shinjuku is a major commercial and administrative center, and like the other districts of Tokyo ...

...view spot


0.0 Stars
Tags: ikebukuro, tokyo

One of the central commercial hubs of Tokyo.

...view spot

Thumb for Ginza


0.0 Stars

Ritzy, think Madison and parts of Fifth Ave. combined into one giant upscale shopping mecca.

...view spot


0.0 Stars
Tags: bars, outer-city, restaurants, shopping, trendy

Trendy shopping area on one end of the Inokashira line. A smaller, more artistic version ...

...view spot

Thumb for Harajuku


0.0 Stars
Tags: bars, cafes, fashion, harajuku, meiji jingu, restaurants, shibuya, shopping, tokyo, yoyogi park

Though Tokyo has no shortage of places to shop, Harajuku is probably the most fun. ...

...view spot

Thumb for Shibuya


0.0 Stars
Tags: chillin, concerts, hachiko, music, shibuya crossing, shopping, starbucks

Home of the infamous "walking dinosaur" scene in 'Lost in Translation', Shibuya is known for ...

...view spot

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Tokyo, contrary to popular belief, is more than Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku girls, cute cartoon characters with big eyes, and that big walking dinosaur in Lost in Translation. It was rebuilt after the firebombing in WWII, a heady mix of industrial architecture meeting ancient wooden shrines.

The city is a never-ending concrete jungle, separated into 23 special wards. The greater Tokyo area, however, also includes several towns and villages to the west of Tokyo, also known as the Tama area. With the world’s largest metropolitan population of 35 million, this is definitely not a place to be if you like personal space or alone time.

Each of the wards and cities in the Tama area has its own particular charm: Shinjuku is known for its red-light district and gang activity, Shibuya for its shopping and Lost in Translation fame, Harajuku for its…girls, and Roppongi for its foreign clubbers, to name a few. Dive bars, counter-culture youth, knick-knack shops, and “purikura” machines abound, but if you’re missing the rest of the world you can also find such attractions as the Eiffel tower (except taller, and…orange), the Statue of Liberty, and Disneyland.

Tokyo on Wikipedia

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