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Zaftig's. Coolidge Corner (Brookline).

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Oy vey. »

3.0 Stars

I'm from a part of the States where fried meats wrapped in fried carbs are not entirely unacceptable. So stuffing french toast with bananas and butter and drowning it in syrup seems not just acceptable, but civilized (I mean, strawberries are involved). When I lived in Boston, Zaftig's definitely got a bit more pricey, but was still a reliable spot for very tasty and very unhealthy food. It's completely legit Jewish foodstuffs, too, even if it's not all kosher. A++ pickles. The wait's so long during weekend brunch times that I've seen people buy cupcakes and eat them while standing in line, a brave move for public eating if there is one. So go on weekdays or at night if you're not into screaming babies and never-ending cell phones ringing.

On Mon Jun 29, 2009 | Permalink

waddle out the door. »

5.0 Stars

there's always a wait on weekends because of the proximity to the temple, but my god, i once ate a full chicken dinner here at ten in the morning with two cups of borscht, one hot, one cold, and extra pickles. wash it all down with an egg creme better than you'll find on the lower east side circa 1947. the war's over and everybody's smiling.

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4.0 Stars
335 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446, USA


Classic Jewish diner.

Tags: borscht, brunch, cupcakes, french toast, kosher, new york egg cremes, root beer float

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