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Weinerei Cafe. Prenzlauer Berg.

Food & Drink / Nightlife
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Nice place but blatantly agressive staff »

2.0 Stars

If you love agressive goodbyes, then Weinerei is definitely the spot for you! I have come to this place more than 20 times, and I have been harassed at the counter about 12 times. You rent a glass for 1 euro and pay 1 euro deposit but as far as how much you have to pay for a glass of wine, no one knows? Last night, the bartender did not trust me at all and opened the palm of his hand to check how much I was going to pay: I gave him 3 coins of 2 Euro (+ 2 euros when I entered) for 3 glasses of wine (quite mediocre quality wine). He still asked me how many glasses I had. I got so nervous after such a great night meeting fantastic people that I slipped and said 2 and then corrected myself and said three. I seriously thought he was going to punch me in the face. He said I was lying! So I asked him how much I have to pay one time. I asked another time and he didn't answer.

All in all I had great times at Weinerei but the staff have often left quite a bitter taste in my stomach on my way home. Have they forgotten that they make a living thanks to the people that are coming to their place?

On Sun Feb 28, 2010 | Permalink

wino heaven »

5.0 Stars

holy shit, I can't believe how dope this bar is. you pay 1,50euro to get in, drink as much wine and eat as much food as you like, then pay what you feel is appropriate on your way out. it is all dependent on customers being fair, otherwise they'd go out of business, but you still get a pretty good deal out of it. yet another example of german ingenuity.

On Tue Mar 10, 2009 | Permalink

3.5 Stars
Veteranenstra├če 14, 10119 Berlin, Germany


1.50 euro for all you can drink and eat? holy shit!

Tags: all-you-can-drink, cozy, living room, wine

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