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Wangfujing Night Market. Wangfujing .

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Street food for suckers. »

1.0 Stars

Do not go here looking for quality fare to feed you and your friends. This tightly packed island of street vendors offers a few minimally tasty snacks and heaps of gimmicky grub. You know something's not right when the guys wielding sheep's testicles and scorpions are calling out exclusively in English and most of the native Chinese patrons are reaching for things like dumplings and pork buns. Larvae skewers are a genuine local favorite, but you can also try those elsewhere in China and Asia. If you want something good to eat, you can really do much better. But if too much reality tv has left you with an insatiable urge to consume crazy critters in front of an audience, this is just the place for you!

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1.0 Stars
Wangfujing St, 东城区, Beijing, China


If you simply must eat a scorpion before you go home, look no further.

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