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Vancouver Aquarium. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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One of my favorite aquariums so far »

5.0 Stars

So I realize not everyone is as obsessed with aquariums as I am, but if you marine life gives you any kind of horrible fascination, read on.

Vancouver Aquarium is located within Stanley Park. There's a lot of variety including but not limited to fish, dolphins, otters, seals, belugas, frogs, snakes, and marmosets. Why there are marmosets in an aquarium I don't know, but they were adorable so I'm not complaining. Note: a baby beluga was born in June 2009 who is too cute. Go say hello.

My favorite thing about aquariums are always the really weird, creepy fish. And there were plenty of those at Vancouver Aquarium! The giant Amazonian fish scared me, but I was most creeped out by these tiny eels sticking out of the sand. Didn't catch their name; I was too freaked out. But see above photos.

Overall, the aquarium was a lot of fun and had a lot to offer. Highly recommended.

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5.0 Stars
845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Lots of creepy marine life

Tags: 'stanley park, animals, aquarium, dolphins, fish, whales

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