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Worst service. AVOID and save your $$

1.0 Stars

I would not recommend this place and I would've NEVER gone there if I'd known how poorly I'd be treated. The workmanship of my small wrist tattoo was done poorly- the ink was faded in parts and the lines were different sizes. I knew I had to wait for the tattoo to heal before getting it touched up. During this time my cat scratched me and when I went back to get it touched up they said they couldn't fix all of it because the scratch hadn't hadn't healed so I knew I'd have to go back a third time. I called up the place to book once the scratch had healed and they refused to touch it up saying it was not due to their workmanship and they blamed the cat for ruining my tatoo. Even after I told them that same cat had died on Monday from hanging they did not care to simply touch up a simple line less than a cm long. I was disgusted at how I was spoken to. I don't regret my tattoo at all but I do regret spending $150 on it and choosing Two Hands.

This place deserves NO stars

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