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5.0 Stars

I always enjoy a good Ghost story so why not take the Tucson ghost tours? It will leave skeptics thinking what if the stories that you are being told really happened? Venture to the Fox theater find out how a woman shot herself in the Santa Rita hotel in room 242. You can still see the bullet shot. She Haunts people who stay in that room and asks them "Do you want to hear my story"? Well I wont give too much of the stories away but it gave me goosebumps. You are taken by the tour guide to many other haunted places such as the St Augustine Cathedral,Hotel Congress and many others. You can even take a picture of the places and some people may get orbs floating by. I got an orb in one picture I took.Its an Interesting experience.

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5.0 Stars
Tucson, AZ 85701, USA


Great Place to Hear about the hauntings in old tucson. Take the tour and find out about the haunting of the santa rita hotel, hotel congress and others. One story is how a man shot his wife then himself and now roams.

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