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17 whiskeys, that must be a record!

5.0 Stars

supposedly, dylan thomas's last words. what kind of punanai boy was he, anyway? i always hoped my last words would be something along the lines of "your friends are pussies." man, i've fallen in love at this place, i've fallen out of love, almost gotten taken out by a rogue wave..the best jukebox ON cape cod. and some of the best live music you'll see while working your indentured servant job of a summer. if you're a local, this place will take care of you.

BUT i'm gonna give it FIVE stars, since it changed staff..i invested ten long months of serious drinking in this joint.. i'm talking fighting cops in the street, stabbing someone who roofied me, and walking home shirtless in blizzards 10 feet from the ocean! and then they go and change bartenders?? when i really NEEDED THE MOST?!? but i guess they have delicious tuscan fries and they pour heavy. but watch out for the geezers trying to slip ya a mickey while a cold atlantic be ragin' up a storm. HELLTOWN.

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