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The Short Stop. Echo Park.

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Hit or miss »

4.0 Stars

I tried to be clever with a baseball pun... Forget it.

I've been there a handful of times. Some great for dancing. Most of the time for group hangouts. The line outside rather unpredictable.

On Tue Jun 22, 2010 | Permalink

D.A.N.C.E. »

3.0 Stars

Short Shop is one of a few places in L.A. in which there is a proper space to dance without having to pay a ridiculous cover or stand in line with striped-shirt douchebags. This place has weathered the changing demographic of echo park for good or bad depending on who you ask. This place used to be a cop bar, sometimes sports bar and now a place where kids from all points of SoCal come to hang. It's still definitely a place to check out when you're on the Eastside.

On Tue Dec 2, 2008 | Permalink

Dive bar dance club + pool & baseball »

4.0 Stars

Ok, I live across the street. So I've seen the Short Stop's ups and downs. If you are looking for a fun night in Echo Park its a good scene.

Used to be super alt rocker scene for a while, got more mainstream (and crowded), lost its luster and is winning back the locals again.

On Dodger game nights, its a sports bar. On other nights its a dance club. And before 10 PM its a local hipster dive.

If you stop by, just refrain from yelling loudly after last call, puking on the street, climbing the neighbors fences or peeing on any Subarus parked nearby. Thanks

On Mon Dec 1, 2008 | Permalink

I'm glad hip ain't too adhd »

5.0 Stars

I used to go to the short stop alone back when early hipsters were wearing all black, pointy italian shoes and british shirts, and all they played was the Clash and Rolling stones...I guess this was like 3 years ago at least. Mad people dance here which is real fly, I guess thursday is still the best day. The more popular it got, the more starbucks employees starting showing up and fuckin up the aura. But i mean it was my favorite place when I lived in Echo park and had some amazing times there dancing with the fly hunnies. Annoying gossipy crap: the chick from American Beauty used to date the dangerously skinny DJ - who used to be awful at mixing but has the greatest set ever for 60s la dance.

On Fri Nov 7, 2008 | Permalink

4.0 Stars
1455 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA


Dive dance club + pool & gameday happy hour.

Tags: beer, cop bar, dancing, dodgers, girls, hipsters, pool, shortstop, sunset

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