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The Esplanade . [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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while their wives and children sleep... »

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i can't stress this enough: DON'T GO HERE AT NIGHT BY YOURSELF if you don't know what you're looking for. picture this: a fey young man in his very early 20s, new to town, working the ballet circuit...young enough to make the mistake of being lured by the waterfront views not once, but twice. finds himself surrounded by four or five large closeted men, possible executives at john hancock, propositioning for one thing or another when he's just trying to enjoy a nice walk home from the theatre district. these men are used to negotiating at the business-table, but once that tie is loosened, they're no longer trading stocks: they're trading flesh. they aren't asking, they're demanding. no is not a familiar word to these men's ears. don't be stupid. don't go here after dark.

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Commune with nature along the Charles River »

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The Esplanade is a park that runs alongside the Charles River. Complete with paths, bridges, weeping willow trees, and islands, the Esplanade is an ideal place to run, walk, bike, picnic, or just people-watch. It's beautiful at any time of year, but it's especially nice for those few weeks in May when all the trees are blooming and the sailboats are out on the river. Don't miss sitting out on the docks inches from the water and look out over Cambridge and the skyscrapers downtown. But when you go to leave, be careful of bikers--I've almost lost my life several times because of over-zealous cyclists.

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3.0 Stars
Along the Charles River
Boston, Massachusetts


Beautiful riverside park.

Tags: biking, kayaking, nature, outdoors, park, people-watching, picnicking

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