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The Dick Dock. Provincetown (Cape Cod).

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The only public sex spot with its own tee-shirts? »

4.0 Stars

I'm a girl, so I haven't actually utilized the services of The Dick Dock. But I did tend bar at a place next to it, and was treated to numerous iPhone photos and video footage, to say nothing of the stories, courtesy of my friends and customers. I don't feel like I'm blowing this spot up because there's a happy co-existence between the patrons of the Dick Dock and the local police. People have been getting head and doing a whole lot of other stuff in semi-public here since the 1970s, and even guys who think it's passe seem to go once a year just for the principal of the matter. Also, Marine Supplies totally had DICK DOCK tee-shirts a couple years ago and that shit sold out like in two seconds. It's like a relic of a more adventurous time and one of the only reasons I'd consider Provincetown still remotely rebellious.

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4.0 Stars
161 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657, USA


In case the name didn't say it all, this is an infamous spot for public sex for over 30 years.

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