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The Brown Elephant. Andersonville.

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Where to get cool stuff for hella cheap. »

4.0 Stars

I am all about thrift stores across the country that give their proceeds to charity. If this is the location near Boys Town, this is the one I went to (and I doubt they have more than one in a ginormous old theatre so it must be it). The last time I was here, I ended up getting a mixer--for music, not cooking--that was all dolled up with a generous portion of glitter for dirt-cheap. The person I was with found a fabulous pair of roller skates from the 70s that were something like 4 bucks. I am pleased to report that we took both our purchases back to this girl's squalid studio apartment only to find they both worked equally great.

On Sun Aug 23, 2009 | Permalink

Better than garbage-pickin'! »

3.0 Stars

There are actually three Brown Elephant stores; two in the city and one in the 'burbs. This one is pretty cool simply because it is located in an old theater/music hall and it's really creepy looking. Other than that, it's pretty much your typical thrift shop. I'm not much into wearing people's old clothes, so I always go there in search of furniture. You can get some decent stuff there- couches for $70 and the like. I've never found anything mind-blowing, but I value the simple pleasures in life; Huey Lewis' "Sports" on vinyl for $1 made my day.

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thrifty, nifty, and half a penny »

4.0 Stars

so i love this store. i went there last week with a friend just for fun, but ended up walking out with a few scarce, pleasant finds. i emerged with a green beanie, a red flannel shirt, and (my personal favorite) a large white t-shirt, many sizes too big for me, with the phrase "Get Laid" written in bold black letters on the front, and my friend managed to get his hands on a button-down black Guiness Beer shirt. and all of that good shit only cost me $8. most things are set up in this giant room that looks like it once was an old theater, yet now the paint is chipping off of the walls. there are couches, chairs, coffee mugs, records... definitely a must see for the few but proud barbara streisand fans, as i found most albums by her to be abundant in the record selection, and also a tasty keyboard that actually worked and pumped out a catchy 80's tune. all in all, if you're looking for an awesome thrift store, this is the place to go.

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3.66666666667 Stars
5404 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640, USA


similar, but way better than goodwill

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