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The Blue Pumpkin. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Finding Nirvana at the Blue Pumpkin »

5.0 Stars

I woke up at 5:45am to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, which was like waking up in a dream, but after five hours of temple hopping and reliving Indiana Jones: the Temple of Doom, I just wanted a bit of a lie down, but wanted to see more of Siem Reap. The odometer was reaching 1000 degrees Farenheit, it was midday, and perfect timing for a nap. That’s when I found nirvana at the Blue Pumpkin. The downstairs offers an array of pastries and ice cream, but is not air-conditioned; however, the upstairs is like walking into what my version of heaven would be. All white couches surround the perimeter and the A/C is blasting. Kick off your shoes and lie back, propped up by some pillows, a waitress in a black uniform, brings you your tray. It gets better. They bring you a tiger balm scented, cooled towel to wipe your face. The menu has an array of western style and khmer dishes, plus French style coffee (iced and hot) as Cambodia was their colony so you get the best of what the French have to offer. For desert I went crazy and had the chocolate soufflé and vanilla bean ice cream, also had a hint of tiger balm, although I’m not sure if this was intentional. Whiled away a couple hours here, reading, eating, and relaxing. Felt like a glutton, but who cares. Set on the main road of Pub Street, this café oasis is so fabulous I almost don’t want to write about it and lose a spot on one of their white plush banquettes. You can thank me later. Xox-Chloe

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5.0 Stars
Pub Street, Siem Reap
Siĕmréab, Khétt Siĕm Réab


Cafe Heaven

Tags: cafe, cambodia, coffee, food, relax, salads

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