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The Beautiful Ones. Palermo Soho.

Gay Friendly / Shops & Markets
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iggy pop tops »

3.0 Stars

this small, cute store in buenos aires sells mostly tee-shirts with people you love on them. when i was 15, i would have killed for most of the stuff they have in this place. i'm talking brian eno, new york dolls, david bowie, lou reed, all the crypto-homo rockers. even priced in argentine pesos, you'll still feel a little weird for paying 7 USD/25 pesos for a one-color print tee-shirt you could have made yourself. but you can't really take your printing press on the road, can you?

On Sat Jun 20, 2009 | Permalink

3.0 Stars
Costa Rica 4737, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina


Small independent clothing shop, mostly tee-shirts.

Tags: amy winehouse, brian eno, gays, iggy pop tops, local, sales

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