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The Beacon Pub. North Forest Park.

Food & Drink / Nightlife
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Go Drink with the Librarians »

4.0 Stars

Every bar just south of this place, on Forest Park's frat-glutted Madison Street, fills up quick. This place doesn't. It's built into an old house. It's full of regulars from the neighborhood. One of the bartenders is a published author. (Find out which one!) This is a Have-Your-Beer-and-Talk place.

On that beer note, there's a lot of beers to find here, though you probably won't know it until you've squinted at the taps and fridge long enough or asked a bartender. This is a you-should-know-what-you-want-already kind of place.

The owners just added pub trivia the 2nd Wednesday of every month, hosted by the Forest Park Library. Yep: this is a drink-with-librarians kind of place.

On Fri Jun 25, 2010 | Permalink

Laid back and super-friendly »

4.0 Stars

My review for the Beacon will be in the form of two haikus. Enjoy.

Cheap tequila shots
but jukebox stole my quarters.
Bartender was rad.

Hoegaarden on tap
but I was dumb and drank crap.
Yay popcorn machine!

On Thu Aug 20, 2009 | Permalink

4.0 Stars
101 Circle Ave, Forest Park, IL 60130, USA


Unassuming but friendly pub

Tags: cheap, drinks, friendly, juke box, popcorn, pub, shots

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