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The Andy Warhol Museum. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Well done, Pittsburgh. »

4.0 Stars

The Andy Warhol Museum has one of the most interesting collections of any artist, period. Whether or not you're into Andy Warhol, the Polaroids and television show footage alone document pretty much anything worth your attention in pop culture. Andy interviewing Divine in the 80s? Maybe the best moment on film ever. Seriously, the collection here is so incredible that a couple of years ago, one of the biggest museums in way-avant-garde Amsterdam begged them to borrow maybe 40% of all the stuff and showcased it over the course of two floors.

But it's more than just the most comprehensive look at what was happening in American art for 20 years through Andy Warhol and his band of fierce weirdos. There's always work from someone else, and the museum, like its namesake, is surprisingly forward-thinking and witty when it comes to other exhibitions or special events. Even if you aren't cool enough to "get" Warhol, you'll likely enjoy this museum.

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More than Andy. »

5.0 Stars

The Warhol is only one of Pittsburgh's bastions of the avant-garde. Not only a unique building (go from the top down) with a large number of permanent Warhol pieces, the Warhol also showcases other pop masters as well as new and exciting artists. There's a steady stream of performance art, concerts, parties, porn-as-art, an 8,000 page crayon-illustrated story by a janitor of questionable mental health, and (currently) decorated Darth Vader helmets.

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The man behind the factory »

3.0 Stars

Depending on how much you already know about Andy Warhol, here is a great opportunity for you to examine the life and art of this Pittsburgh native (as well as the work of other artists). Since the city is not the biggest metropolis on earth, crowds are not usually a problem and this place is ideal for a leisurely afternoon stroll. The Silver Clouds exhibit is particularly fun and shiny (huge, metallic, pillow-shaped balloons). Although I don't personally go for souvenirs, people get really excited about the gift shop.

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4.0 Stars
117 Sandusky St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA


The Andy Warhol Museum?

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