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it may be on southport, but it's badass

3.0 Stars

Located on the north end of the Southport Corridor, Tango Sur rises above it's Big-Ten-transplant surroundings and carves out a little bit of heaven: affordable Argentinian steak and no-corkage-fee byob.

A few hints to make your trip less stressful:

1. The wait is suuuuper long at Tango Sur because everyone goes in huge groups. Make a plan to leave your name and cell # with the host, and have some pre-party drinks across the street.

2. If you want to stick around and wait, there's a nice little back room (just ask) where you can open your wine and hang out in the candlelight. Just beware that couples tend to enjoy the ambiance back here. i.e., making out may occur in your general vicinity.

3. Wear something that you don't mind stinking like garlic the next day. Sometimes if you're traveling you only have like two shirts (I understand), so borrow a shirt from your local host or something.

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