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Beware the bun barron! »

5.0 Stars

The popularity of Steaming Hut is evident when you come on a weekday lunchtime and there is a huge queue of local Chinese population lining for their freshly made steamed buns!

I've tried hard to get my friends enthused with this place, but my European friends don't seem to like the food, and my Chinese friends seem to think it's too common to eat there. Ah well! All the more for me!!!

You can get steamed buns in a lot of locations around Auckland, but in most places you'll be eating something that's probably verging on stale, and when you bit into it you get more bun than filling. At Steaming Hut they are made fresh each morning, and many flavours sell out by the early afternoon.

There are about 5 vegetarian flavours, but a couple contain shrimp.

Steaming hut is run by a husband wife team. First you queue, order and pay with the husband - who some call the Bun Barron (think "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld).

He's actually not so bad, probably just a little stressed from dealing with so many people. Some tips:
* Come with small change - don't try and get him to break big notes (each bun is about $1.50 I normally get between 4 and 6 depending how hungry I am)
* Don't hesitate - know what you want to order, and have a back up plan ready in case something has run out.
* Don't even expect to pay with plastic - I made that mistake once and got some very bad looks.

After the bun barron, his wife will give you your order. She is all smiles!

You can order takeaway, but will pay a little extra for the container.


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5.0 Stars
125 Queen St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand


Super Cheap Chinese Steamed Buns

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