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Smoke's Poutinerie. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Another poutine review to add to my cadre »

5.0 Stars

So a restaurant that specializes in poutine would be like my dream, right?


My first experience of the Poutinerie was when my friends moved dangerously close to the joint (just above it), and brought home 3 different servings to thank the people that helped them move. While true Montreal poutine is just brown gravy, hand-cut fries and cheese curds, a little variety once in a while doesn't hurt.

So you have a choice of gravies (they got a mushroom selection for you vegetarians out there), and meats and other toppings to fancy up you heartattack.

On Tue Jan 26, 2010 | Permalink

Poutine Please »

4.0 Stars

Smoke’s Poutinerie - the new essential spot to hit for a myocardial infarction in this great city. While it’s not the best I’ve tried, i’d definitely hit it again after a night of drunken misjudgement and beer fueled starvation. Hey, I know my patterns, alright.

On Thu Jul 9, 2009 | Permalink

4.5 Stars
218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON, Canada


The new essential spot to hit for a myocardial infarction in this great city

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