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300 dollar haircuts for Supercuts prices*

5.0 Stars

Second location of "hair boutique" popular with everyone from the well-dressed old-money ladies and their kids to a veritable who's who of local semi-famous people. Actually cool instead of veering into gross new-rich stylings territory. Definitely home of the best multi-colored flashing sign in BsAs. Occasional DJs and parties, bar stocked equally well with records and booze. The perpetually busy but never flustered staff will make you look as hot as possible: I have my favorite guy, but I'm not telling who because he's already impossible to get.

*Those Supercuts prices? That's if your command of Spanish is good and you don't look like an out-of-towner. You will get a little bit gouged if you walk in speaking the English, but considering that "gouged" means 40 bucks instead of 17.95 and you still have a better haircut than anyone wherever you came from, I'd say to just deal with it.

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