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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. West End.

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You will want to eat the whole store... »

4.0 Stars

...I know I did.

We randomly dropped in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory not having heard of it, lured in by the man in the window making chocolate. The store's beautiful display of all its chocolate and other desserts was truly a delightful feast for the eyes. They had everything from chocolates, to fudge, to candy apples, to Rocky Pop - popcorn covered in caramel with nuts that is made in the store.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is in fact a chain that can be found in many cities in Canada, but I'd still recommend it if you love chocolate and sweet treats. The chocolate is maybe not the best quality I've ever had (hey I am half Belgian after all) but I did find the avalanche bark CRAZY good. I mean chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow and rice Krispies. Can you get a better culinary combination than that?

On Thu Aug 13, 2009 | Permalink

4.0 Stars
Robson St, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Chocolate, fudge, Rocky Pop, and more

Tags: candy, chocolate, desserts, fudge, popcorn

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