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savory food, "vanilla" scene

4.0 Stars

I have told friends that Quartino is my favorite restaurant in Chicago, which is saying a lot - but take it with a grain of salt (no punz intended!) I go here for the food.

This place rocks for its reasonable prices, the general awesomeness of every item on the menu, the quick service, the "sharing plates," the cheap wine served in little cups ... and so on. They make all their own sausage fresh on location, which is an added tasty plus.

However, all of these features - plus the downtown location - mean that the scene at Quartino is kind of "expense account blah," if you know what I mean. The wait can be long, and you might be stuck in the waiting area next to the entire tri-Delt sorority from Northwestern, or worse. Just so you're prepared. But the food is worth it - if you're downtown, it's hard to find anything as yummy, unique, or affordable as da Q.

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