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May I have some spirituality with that?

4.0 Stars

Tucked behind Wat Suan Dork's monk chat, is the fantastic Punpun veggie organic restaurant. Monks clad in fire-cone orange drift in and out of this little oasis and lesser known temple plus restaurant in Chiang Mai. I went this past Saturday and sat at a table next to the four most cutest monks enjoying their raspberry smoothies. Try the glass noodle spring rolls and tamarind sesame dipping sauce and any of the salads as this is one of the few locales that actually serves un-spicy salads with organic produce. Their drinks are lovely too. I chilled out with a lemongrass and mint iced tea and the main dishes are $1.50-$2.00 Closed on Wednesdays.

On Sat Aug 8, 2009 | Back to Punpun