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Pond Megastore Nursery. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Terrible Customer Service!! »

1.0 Stars

I live in MN, and we have harsh winters. I also have a small pond and wanted a water lily. I contacted PondMegastore several times last summer to discuss planting, care, and wintering of a water lily. Purchasing was a good process (spent lots of time explaining), but this spring when my lily did not come up everything went south.

They are attempting to put the blame on me that I did not overwinter the plant properly. I was directed from them to let it freeze solid in the bottom of my pond (pond is shallow, and I told them this). Due to their lack of ability to give me the correct information, they are trying to now tell me that hardy water lilies aren't hardy in my application - directly conflicting with their earlier guidance. We have tried calling and discussing, and were yanked around a bit. Posted on their facebook page, where Zac was extremely rude to my wife and accusing her of unspeakables. During our complaint with the BBB (they gave us faulty information which lead to my purchase, will not take accountability, nor apologize), Zac again shows his true colors through his rudeness and complete lack of customer service professionalism.

I'd rather fill my pond in than have anything to do with Pond Megastore again. Yes, their selection looks nice, my plant arrived in good shape. BUT, if you have an issue at all, good luck! Zac is the boss, and his ineptitude at dealing with customers is appalling. NEVER BUY HERE!!

On Fri Jun 5, 2015 | Permalink

Beautiful Garden Selection »

5.0 Stars

Nice waterlilies abound from this pond plant nursery. Buy water lilies locally or have them shipped from the Florida nurseries to your home. Very friendly people and beautiful in the summer.

On Thu Jan 21, 2010 | Permalink

3.0 Stars
401 Tuscarawars St, Canton, Ohio 44702, US


Aquatic plant nusery of waterlilies or pond plants

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