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go for live band karaoke ... bring earplugs, heh

3.0 Stars

Ok, I feel like an old person when I say this but Piece is super LOUD. Like, it's hard to hear your friends when they're sitting *right* there - across the huge elevated sheet of pizza from you.

That said, I do love this spot. Anywhere that makes their own beer, I cannot hate on too much. The brewmaster really knows his shit, too (I know - I did an article on Chicago beer one time and I interviewed this guy)! And the space is unique - a big open warehouse-y kind of space with christmas lights along big beams across the ceiling. Kinda neat.

Also, they have LIVE BAND karaoke. My friend won the contest there one night. Needless to say, that was an awesome evening. So yeah ... beware of the crowds and the din, but GO to this place. It's worth it.

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