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Piazza San Marco. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Neither grand nor intimate, but a tourist trap »

3.0 Stars

Whilst Piazza San Marco is atmospheric at night, and is the hub of the city, home to various galleries and tourist sites - including the beautiful Doge's Palace and the impressively over-ornate Basilica San Marco, during the day, the whole experience is a little underwhelming. Swarms of pigeons, aided and abetted by tourists willing to risk diseases and becoming bird-toilets, make walking around the Piazza far more difficult than it should be, and a lot of the architecture is soot-stained and ill-looked after. The scale of the square isn't as impressive as many of Europe's great public spaces, nor does it have the charm and intimacy of Rome's piazzas. Of course, it remains a must-see in Venice, but don't have your hopes set too high.

On Fri May 1, 2009 | Permalink

Never ceases to amaze »

5.0 Stars

Best known for the thousands of pigeons that hangout waiting for a hand to feed them or a head to perch on, San Marco is Venice's most popular tourist destination. Rightfully so. Be it the surrounding architecture, the atmosphere, or just the sheer size of the space, this piazza never ceases to amaze. Lining the square is the famous Harry's Bar (inventor of the Bellini) and various little shops and cafes worth perusing.

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4.0 Stars
Piazza San Marco, 30124 Venice, Italy


"The drawing room of Europe" according to Napoleon

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