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Not so much.

1.0 Stars

Navy Pier will be in the first few pages of every Chicago guidebook- right there in the "Must See" list. Here's the truth about Navy Pier: If you don't have children and you don't have hundreds of dollars to burn, it sucks. Navy Pier consists of these things: a ferris wheel, boats, overpriced food, suffocatingly large crowds of tourists, an IMAX theater, and bad shopping. Oh, and a huge stained glass exhibit(??) Whenever I take out-of-towners there, I immediately regret my decision because after an hour of being there, I remember how little there is to actually do. The only thing that is MAYBE worth doing is seeing the fireworks during the summer...but does anyone really care about fireworks that much? Screw the guidebooks- Navy Pier just ain't good.

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