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back in its artistic heyday, boston was home to some of the greatest comic artists of our time. i'm talking ron rege jr, CF, paperrad..serious heavy hitters.. the owners of million-year picnic were always kind enough to always help out these starving, scrappy youths by buying their hand-printed, one-of-a-kind little zines and comics to sell at the store.. now that these kids are all racking in the cash, book and distibution deals of their own, Million Year proudly displays thier work On the TOP SHELF!..no more dusty ink stained bins filled with old farsides and chinese newspaper!

.... Stop by and talk to the owners maybe they'll sell some of yours . they sure know how to pick a winner. But beware, it is usally staffed by some super nerds who are writing thier thesis on Garfield at harvard..and don't consider art books worthy of being in the store.

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