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Provincetown's only budget shopping...

4.0 Stars

...I mean, besides the poppers that other Commercial Street shop with the flea market vibe. Anyway, most people in town are busy shelling out their money on boring tee-shirts, wellies from Marc Jacobs, or overpriced everything else, but will take a break to wander through the maze that is Marine Specialties. Here, you can literally buy just about anything. A vast collection of knives? They've got it. Gas masks and parachute bags like at the army/navy? They've got that, too. From souviners to an outfit for this week's fetish party, Marine Specialties might be the only place to buy anything on sale in the on-season in all of Provincetown. And unlike 90% of the town, I recall them sticking it out through the winter, which is a great time to buy their itchy wool sweaters.

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