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This neighborhood ain't what it used to be

5.0 Stars

If you’re too chickenshit to break into an abandoned building, or it’s just not your thing, then fork out some dough and go on a tour of a real-deal tenement building. While some of the rooms are excellently refurbished to look like they did at various time periods, the museum left many of the rooms, including the hallways, just as they found them when they bought the building in the eighties.

The Tenement Museum is unique in that you can only experience it by guided tour. In curating the exhibits, researchers tracked down descendents of people who actually lived at 97 Orchard and based tours on information pieced together from family stories, city records, and artifacts

The museum is a celebration of the immigrant spirit and it honors the hardships that people endure when they leave their homes for a fresh, but often sour start. That struggle continues today, a pertinent reminder in an age of border walls, Minutemen, and general anti-immigrant sentiment.

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