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Le Caveau De La Huchette. Latin Quarter.

Music & Entertainment / Nightlife
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youthful ignorance i suppose »

2.0 Stars

i went here when i was 18 and thought it was really cool. but what did i know. i bet ron's assessment is clearer than my "anything not in america is fucking blowing my mind" take on it. i suggested it. but alas...it's only sorta cool.

On Sun Dec 7, 2008 | Permalink

American jazz club in a dungeon »

4.0 Stars

I had heard about the Paris jazz scene and it was kind of cool to experience, though I think this place is a bit more upscale / tourist than I was hoping for. But still cool.

Ok, so jazz clubs in Paris are kind of different from the US. The people dance, like partner swing dancing. Also people get kinda dressed up. I think I knew all this and didn't really prepare myself for how dorky it looks.

Regardless this is a cool space, I mean its in like a medieval-looking Paris basement and was clearly there since way back in the heyday of jazz.

If you like jazz clubs its worth checking out for a minute.

On Sun Dec 7, 2008 | Permalink

3.0 Stars
5 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 París, France


basement jazz club

Tags: american, basement, jazz, live music

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