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Best Pad Thai in Lancaster County

5.0 Stars

The Central Market in Lancaster City is one of my favorite spots in town. There are shops, a bar/restaurant, and beautiful cobblestone streets all around the market. It's definitely a highlight if you ever pass through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Yes, there are Amish produce stands, but for the local resident who has had her fill of chow chow, the diversity of cultures and variety of foods available at the market is very much appreciated. I'm addicted to the Thai stand's chicken Pad Thai. And Rafiki's Deli, the African stand, makes these spicy little meat pies that make you wonder why more people don't know about this stuff. Grab a cup of joe at the Mean Cup, an independently owned stand manned by a kid with mutton chops and a trucker hat. They're open Tuesdays & Fridays from 6am-4pm, and Saturdays from 6am-2pm.

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