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Give gardens a chance.

5.0 Stars

We're not talking about your grandma's rosebushes here. Kenrokuen (兼六園) is an explosion of green that manages to combine immaculate design with seemingly natural tranquility. This place is a prime example of the Japanese landscaping technique known as shakkei (借景), or "borrowed scenery", in which views of distant hills and mountains are set up in such a way as to enhance the garden itself. This creates the sensation that the garden is infinite, or at the very least, much larger than it actually is. Running water is incorporated into the layout of the garden in subtle, surprising ways and, despite its status and popularity, there are many places to hide and enjoy the stillness of this ancient oasis in the middle of a city. As with any potential tourist draw, it is your own fault if you find yourself battling with crowds late in the day! Get up early to enjoy one of the most beautiful morning walks of your life in relative peace.

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