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Japadog. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Amazingness »

5.0 Stars

Did a food cart crawl with some friends and Japadog, as always, failed to disappoint. I got a hot dog covered in noodles and delicious teriyaki dressing. The wasabi mayo is heaven - seriously contemplated stealing the whole bottle but I just couldn't take that amazingness away from everyone else (and stealing is wrong...).

On Sun Jul 17, 2011 | Permalink

Pleasantly surprised »

5.0 Stars

So, I'm not a huge hot dog fan. Processed mystery meat parts don't really appeal to me, but Japadog is ridiculously fantastic! I tried the Terimayo and couldn't believe how good it was. Try it while in Vancouver. Very inventive.

On Wed Oct 14, 2009 | Permalink

Try this if you're in town »

4.0 Stars

I got the Oroshi (bratwurst and radish shavings) which is the most popular amongst the Japanese community. I also tried some of the Terimayo which I maybe liked even better. Who would have thought seaweed on a hot dog could taste so good?

While I'll admit I still prefer good ol' fashioned ketchup and sauerkraut, you need to try Japadogs for the interesting and creative flavors. An awesome hot dog experience!

On Mon Jul 13, 2009 | Permalink

Creative, tasty hotdogs. Lot of variety. »

5.0 Stars

Last time in vancouver we stayed at a hotel right next to this hotdog stand.

Its pretty awesome, all these different kinds of hotdogs (yes, including veggie) prepared with Japanese ingredients like Japanese mayo, teriyaki, miso etc.

Really tasty and worth checking out.

On Thu Nov 13, 2008 | Permalink

4.75 Stars
899 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Crazy Japanese hotdogs!

Tags: cart, hotdog, hotdogs, ice cube, japanese, sausage, spicy, stand

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