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Beat the heat and have a minty treat

5.0 Stars

Habana Outpost offers a copacetic atmosphere on those hot sultry summer nights. It’s crowded but convivial and the frozen mojitos are rapturous. From its spacious outdoor lot to its self-sufficiency ethos, Habana Outpost really does have a frontier land feel. The bathroom has a gray water filtration system that sustains a small garden, and the roof is lined with solar panels. On the weekends, they fire up the bicycle-powered blender to mix drinks.

I typically treat myself to the eight-dollar mojito and then switch to $2.50 cups of local Six Point ale. For a little soakage, they serve moderately priced Cuban food and corn on the cob from a food truck parked out back. If you come on a weekday, you have a sporting chance to find a seat at a picnic table.

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