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Gateway Arch Riverboats. Downtown.

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1.0 Stars

“Let’s take a trip on one of those old timey riverboats! It’ll be fun!” I thought. I was sooo wrong. First of all, this is tourist central, and I knew that going into it. BUT nobody warned me that it would be where every drunken, obnoxious tourist that ever existed hangs out. Also, nobody told me that the entire tour would consist of a guy droning on about rusty barges, the construction of bridges, and how much grain sells for nowadays. Did I see some fabulous sights? No. Did I learn some interesting information? No. Did I almost freeze to death and also murder some tourists? Hell yeah.

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1.0 Stars
707 N 1st St, St Louis, MO 63102, USA


Hideously boring 1-hour boat tours

Tags: arch, mississippi river, riverboat, tour

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