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Not for those with an aversion to moth ball smell.

4.0 Stars

If you're looking for gritty, dirty, sorta sketchy ambiance while digging for great vintage clothes, it doesn't get much better than Galeria 5Ta. This semi-outdoor, moderately sketchy mall is the antithesis of pre-selected vintage clothes with jacked-up prices. This is seriously cheap, and deals abound. Can you fit three vintage Adidas tracksuits in your luggage to go home? Because you can buy them from a cranky man for something like $5 USD. Ladies who love second-hand shopping will clean up if they go here, seeing as there is everything from boots to coats from every imaginable decade. I saw some great designer stuff, too. Just give yourself enough time to give every shop a thorough scouring--which is what you'll also be doing with like 50% of your purchases once you have access to soap and water.

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