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this place is soooo Minneapolis, let me tell you

3.0 Stars

I grew up in Minneapolis, and that inexplicable vibe I get when I return for a visit is just so perfectly captured at Fireroast.

The bandana'd friendly-eyed barista will make you an organic latte for under $3, cut off a big slice of very "homemade-looking" delicious carrot cake, heat you up an authentic organic Oaxacan tamale, and engage in comforting homey banter. Last time I stopped in, a hippie family was reading together on the couch in the middle of the room, and there were "local crafts" for sale on the shelf next to the counter (e.g., Georgia O'Keefe pins, tote bags for your knitting supplies, etc.)

There's nothing homier than a truly authentic and organic Minneapolis coffee shop, and Fireroast definitely hits the mark. The sandwiches are pretty tasty too!

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