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The best Burmese outside of Burma

4.0 Stars

Hungry for Burmese? Not sure what Burmese tastes like? You are missing out my friends.

For authentic Shan/Burmese food look for the yellowing sign with “Burmese Food” scrawled across it, just off Nimmanhaemin road, soi 10. It’s a pretty whole-in-the-wall kind of place, but the food is wonderful. You’ll have to get over the waiter wearing cut off jean shorts, a muscle-t baring his nipples, and galoshes. One eye looks as if he got it caught in some faulty wiring, and he’s got sort of an 80’s mullet haircut going on, but once you order you’ll forget all that. He also looks like he’s seen some stuff so I am down with him. Dinner for four that included rice, two Burmese tea leaf salads, an eggplant dish, morning glory salad, pad thai, and two other tomato and lettuce salads plus some mysterious delicious dressing and came to $6 and we couldn’t finish. Beat that! Xox-Chloe P.S. You share everything since they are small plates

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