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Book Thug all the time, rain or shine

5.0 Stars

Bedford Avenue’s notorious street vendors are moving on up. The Book Thug Nation just moved their well-curated selection of everything good and indecent from the last 130 years of fiction indoors. The used bookstore moonlights as a community space, which hosts a fine range of free readings and lectures by drunk “intellectuals” from the area. The prices are good, the thugs are fair and the erotica section is right next to the children’s section.

For you street shoppers who have grown to love and depend on the book table, you have nothing to fear; the book thugs are still slinging Bolaño and Bukowski on the sidewalk outside the Blackbird. Though now immune to rain and brutal temperatures (though not to neighborhood wing nuts), the book thugs won’t be flying south for the winter.

On Wed Oct 21, 2009 | Back to Book Thug Nation