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Bolivia. Palermo Soho.

Gay Friendly / Shops & Markets
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Great style & staff »

4.0 Stars

I agree with Whitney, the styles here are great, I'm so glad to be a guy!

But... It's been a while since I've been to an H&M, but I think the prices aren't *quite* that low - unless you're talking about the sale prices (which are great!).

Also I'm a bit doubtful about the knitwear quality... I have a beautiful top that I'm afraid to wash because I'm scared it will disintegrate, The jeans on the otherhand look like they'll last a long time.

The staff here are almost embarrassingly attentive, but very helpful!

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I want one for the ladies! »

5.0 Stars

If you enjoy going to foreign countries and coming home better dressed than the most stylish folks at home, you should go to Bolivia. If that's not your style but you want to browse a shop where you're gonna grab a bunch of the clothes and say "hey, this looks nice," you should go to Boliva, too. Not snobby and popular with stylish men of all sexual persuasions (and the woman who can work the accessories...the cuts are not so easy for ladies), this possibly is the highlight of Argentine clothing design--aside from the preppier Felix. And you know, in a city with a reputation for people dressing so well, you can't go wrong with shopping here, especially since, if you're carrying USD or Euros, you're essentially getting top-quality, carefully crafted HOT-ass clothing for H&M prices.

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4.5 Stars
Gurruchaga 1581, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pretty much the coolest men's clothing ever.

Tags: accessories, fashionable, hipster, independently designed, stylish, well-cut clothing

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