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Racist Owners

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I find horrifying that the owners of this establishment follow a racist creed towards anyone without blue eyes and a Hawaiian shirt (Even though they are established in Puerto Rico). I've seen the owner kick customers out from the store for no apparent reason. In my case, I was kicked out from the store because "I was smelling the incense sticks". Here is how the conversation went: Owner: "You can't do that".
I: "I can't smell them?"
Owner: "Yeah, you have to stop that".
I: "You have over 20 different smells, how am I suppose to know which ones are good?"
Owner: " You don't. You just take one, put it in the bag and buy it. And if your not going to do that, leave."
(All while my girlfriend was about to pay for a $145 necklace and earring set)
I: "Are you serious?"
Owner: "I won't waste my time with you".
(He goes back to the cash register and tells my girlfriend, unknowing that she was my girlfriend of course)
Owner: "I'm sorry for leaving you, but people like him just come here to steal"

I walked towards him and told him how disrespectful he was. He never apologised. He just said he can do that because that is his store and that he refuses to deal with "people like you". Of course my girlfriend, fairer skinned and green eyed, smelled them all and had no problem. Neither did her mother.

Just remembering the event hurts me. I can't digest that there are people like him in our beautiful island. I can't believe that a xenophobe like him takes part of our tourists experiences.

That is Blue Lotus for you.

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