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Blue Lotus. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Racist Owners »

1.0 Stars

I find horrifying that the owners of this establishment follow a racist creed towards anyone without blue eyes and a Hawaiian shirt (Even though they are established in Puerto Rico). I've seen the owner kick customers out from the store for no apparent reason. In my case, I was kicked out from the store because "I was smelling the incense sticks". Here is how the conversation went: Owner: "You can't do that".
I: "I can't smell them?"
Owner: "Yeah, you have to stop that".
I: "You have over 20 different smells, how am I suppose to know which ones are good?"
Owner: " You don't. You just take one, put it in the bag and buy it. And if your not going to do that, leave."
(All while my girlfriend was about to pay for a $145 necklace and earring set)
I: "Are you serious?"
Owner: "I won't waste my time with you".
(He goes back to the cash register and tells my girlfriend, unknowing that she was my girlfriend of course)
Owner: "I'm sorry for leaving you, but people like him just come here to steal"

I walked towards him and told him how disrespectful he was. He never apologised. He just said he can do that because that is his store and that he refuses to deal with "people like you". Of course my girlfriend, fairer skinned and green eyed, smelled them all and had no problem. Neither did her mother.

Just remembering the event hurts me. I can't digest that there are people like him in our beautiful island. I can't believe that a xenophobe like him takes part of our tourists experiences.

That is Blue Lotus for you.

On Tue Dec 22, 2015 | Permalink

Racist??? »

1.0 Stars

What an odd experience; he didn't allow us in. We were a group of 6 adults; one Puerto Rican, five Indians. The owner didn't allow us in, he stated that my wife (the one PR local) cursed at him, she didn't, we had kids with us. We wanted to look at, and maybe purchase, a Ganesh statue/figure and/or painting. He shut the door on my brother-in-law's face...made a huge deal about the fact we had, and used that as a pretense to not allow us in. This all in a highly traveled tourist area. How does this guy make money if he decides who is allowed in and who isn't...very unfortunate experience in our PR, the only bad part of our trip. Don't believe he is a local, leaves a bad taste in the minds of tourist, he is an outlier.

On Thu Aug 21, 2014 | Permalink

Beware of the racist, snappy owner of this busines »

1.0 Stars

This owner, who sells Hindu relics in his store is actually very Racist against Indians. My friends and I walked in and he immediately started walking right behind us saying no touching, no pictures. (He stands by the door and watches you as soon as you walk in). When we got fed up of his stalking and told him we were leaving, he all of a sudden snapped and said, "good. You are trash. Go back to India and lice on the streets". This man is a horrible human being. Beware. He will turn on you and become very nasty.

On Mon Mar 3, 2014 | Permalink

anti-puertorican »

1.0 Stars

Este negocio se llama Blue Lotus. Es en la Tanca en VSJ. Entre cn mi nieto y el americano dueño me boto x que no aceptan niños. Me regaño x que se supone que sepamos ingles y que leamos los letreros entre otras barbaridades que dijo. Denle share para que sepa que debe respetar a la gente de PR. No lo auspicien.

On Sat Dec 28, 2013 | Permalink

Great shopping with interesting finds... »

5.0 Stars

My only trip to Puerto Rico was a short lived on. The last stop on a 10 day cruise, we were only in the city of San Juan for a few hours. My roommate and I took advantage of the port area by spending those few hours walking around town: browsing the local shops, tasting decadent Spanish cuisine, and mingling with the adoring locals. During our travels of the city we found some interesting places and met some even better people. However, one place stuck out the most. Although tucked into the corner of a side street, Blue Lotus seemed to attract a few tourists. Making our way into the store I was blown away by the unique set up and collected works of art displayed throughout the small store. Filled with cultural antiques and collectables, Blue Lotus is home to various one-of-a-kind pieces that the owner himself, a fine man from Canada, has collected over years of travel. I loved this place so much I stopped back in for a few more purchases before heading back to the ship. The owner was not only friendly, but also well educated in the countries he traveled. This fine place was the start of my personal Buddha collection and featured some of the most interesting and well crafted sculptures I have ever seen. Although some things were probably imported, most he had collected himself. If you are ever within the port area of the city, this place is highly recommended!

I will keep searching for the exact address.

On Sun Apr 5, 2009 | Permalink

1.8 Stars
San Juan, San Juan


Independent antque/culture shop

Tags: antiques, art, buddha, culture, india, shopping

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