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Blackwell's. [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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I died and went to... the bookshop. »

5.0 Stars

Whilst I would usually express a preference for small, intimate, quirky little bookshops that smell vaguely of must and mothballs, I most definitely make an exception for this temple to the written word. Looking like just another branch of the Blackwell's chain from the outside, a few seconds stroll into the backroom off the shop will blow your mind: this is quite simply the biggest bookshop you'll probably ever find. And once you're done getting lost in the basement room, you'll discover the place actually runs to several other (large) floors in the adjacent (linked) building. Any kind of book, any author, any subject area, be it french philosophy, history of science, 21st century poetry, african politics, travel... (you get the idea) ...it'll be here. Okay, so it's almost all new stock at full price, but it's so big you could easily get away with reading a few choice items hidden away in a corner without actually having to buy. And the second hand books are something else: real things of beauty. This is a treasure, a literary Aladdin's Cave, of epic proportions.

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5.0 Stars
Broad St, Oxford OX1 3, UK


The original store in the book chain is an incredible labyrinth of books of all kinds, from beautiful antique editions, contemporary literature, philosophy, academic books... everything. Seriously, everything.

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