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get over yourself

4.0 Stars

blacklite was a lot more chill than i had anticipated. i mean, given that i was excited about transgender sex worker bar, it was still chiller.

about half the clientèle was, how should i say, looking for their own clientèle. the girls are fun though. vogueing to destiny's child, makeshift lap-dances, and help cut any tension in the air.

i said to my friend that i wish i was stuck in a sticky situation that i had to work with all the people in the bar to figure out how we were going to survive. i think we would be alright.

white kids: keep it chill, and you're good. but don't come to gawk.

girls: come with a guy.

everyone: $3.50 bud and a clan of characters will be your glory

ill jukebox btw.

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