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Barragan's Mexican Restaurant. Echo Park.

Food & Drink / Nightlife
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Reviews of Barragan's Mexican Restaurant

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A Barragan's story »

5.0 Stars

So my roommate won't be too pleased that I'm sharing this, but whatever. We went to Barragan's one Wednesday and after chugging down a couple whilst we sang him Happy Birthday. Before midnight we stumbled a few doors down to Gold Room to down a few more.
We are all very hazy on the details but reviewing the photographs the next day told an interesting story. My roommie had a messily devoured a street dog, getting condiments all on the front of his shirt. He then urinated on the Bank of America walls, lost his balance and fell in his piss, leaving a pee stripe on the back of his shirt. Then he got into a fight with one of his best buds as we all laughed and watched.
Thanks for the [lost] memories, Barragan's!

On Tue Jun 22, 2010 | Permalink

Roofie-grade margaritas »

4.0 Stars

I've only been there on Wednesdays when the margs are dangerously cheap. I expected them to be watered down and double-fisted appropriately.
Big mistake. Each of my roommates and I blacked out for a good chunk of the evening.
They stop serving booze at midnight, so you're in good fighting form way early.

On Tue Jun 22, 2010 | Permalink

Mexican restaurant turned hipsterville »

3.0 Stars

Barragan's is a typical large Mexican family restaurant. Very low-key normally with karaoke and a bar. OK but not overly special food, family run and family-oriented.

One day the son of the owners came up with the idea to have a cheap margarita night on Wednesdays and market it to the local scenesters. So now its divey-family-mexican spot most nights and hipsterland on Wed.

For out of towners its a good place to spot your favorite 20-something actors and rockstars, since pretty much everyone in the neighborhood comes out for it...

On Mon Mar 16, 2009 | Permalink

4.0 Stars
1538 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA


Mexican family restaurant turned to hipster mecca on Wed nights

Tags: burritos, family, hipster, karaoke, margaritas, mexican

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